The exhibition 'ONONDERBROKEN' shows work of four different artists. (Korrie Besems, Carinia Diepens, Clary Stolte, Ad van Campenhout). What they each share is that they continue to work on foundations developed in depth over a long time frame: memories are made into solidified stories.

Each artist interweaves various actions, materials, words and/or time fragments into a work of art. Continuously they add layer upon layer, line to line and image upon image. Parts are cut out, erased, scratched out or brushed away and earlier operations, image fragments and layers remain visible. Repetitive actions in charcoal, photo, crayon, rubber and tape, are attempts to capture narrative stratas in images. The joyful ease of replication is restrained, subdued rather than exuberant and colour is mostly sober. 

Because the repetition does not aim for perfection, like stuttering ,the stories falter. But where and how they falter creates new room for ever more shifting interpretations. Due to new turns, these solidified stories are never finished, but continue to open up new re-creations and metamorphoses.

curator Korrie Besems